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Finding Inspiration and Motivation

The holidays are over and everyone is back to work and school. It’s cold outside and the weather is just plain dreary. Homework and other responsibilities begin to pile up and before you know it you’ve stopped writing. So what’s a writer to do? Where does one fine motivation, time and inspiration during this time of year?

For starters, I believe artwork can be a source of inspiration. Maybe it’s  your favorite poster hanging up in your room or a painting at your work. Whatever catches your eye, art can get the wheels of a story turning in the mind that can later be transferred to the page. I have at least a dozen fairy pictures hanging up in my room right now. I bet if I looked at them long enough I could concoct a fantasy story in my imagination that could become the beginnings of writing project.

Another idea for some inspiration is nature. “But it’s cold outside!” you protest. Yes, it’s cold out and nobody likes to sit outside and gaze at nature when it’s freezing. So, instead, open up the curtains on the weekend. Let in all the sunlight you can and gaze out the window from your nice heated home. I bet there is something out there waiting to inspire you. Even if it’s just an annoying squirrel or bird. You could create a dialogue between the bird and squirrel. Yeah your friends might think your nuts but at least you will be writing again.

As for motivation? Heaven knows the last thing I want to do after a long, exhausting day is try and think of something to write. Not to mention I have homework, should be exercising, and have friends to call. Life can seem so overwhelming at times that it can be hard to find motivation for the things we love in life when we get into the busy zone. Sometimes, I find it is helpful to just stop. Stop whatever it is I’m doing. Stop running around like a maniac and just breathe. Give yourself ten minutes to just zone out and let your mind wander. This lets your brain stop the mad race it was running and leaves room for creativity to pour in.

Hopefully life doesn’t get too crazy and we can all find a little time to write during the long winter months. And if we do loose sight of our writing? Well, cheer up! Spring should be here shortly.


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